Healthy Eating!

Today Rooms 11 and 9 had Ben Bonner come to visit us from Sport Waikato. He was teaching us all about nutrition and how to choose a healthy breakfast option. We learnt that we need to look at the sugar, fat and fibre content of different foods to make a good choice.

Take a look!


Tuakana Teina with Room 2!

On Friday we had a blast playing some awesome games the Room 2 senior students had prepared for us! We loved that we got to develop our team player skills with our big kid buddies, while playing some super fun games… take a look!

Thanks Room 2 and Mr Robinson for having us!

Our Imaginations are Wonderful!

Today we pulled out our class dress up box to use as a prompt for our writing. We got to play dress ups, make up characters and create different games with our awesome costumes! We had lots of time to talk and play as our characters before we stopped to brainstorm our story ideas. Then we got to actually write our stories – while still wearing our dress ups! Our purpose and audience for our writing today was to share our creative ideas with Rooms 11 and 12. At the end of writing time Miss Smith chose 4 people who had tried really hard to write fabulous stories to go over and share with Rooms 11 and 12 – Leila, Lucas, Evie and Victoria showed great concentration and developed their ideas into cool creative stories!

Check out our awesome play and creativity in action!

Lottie the Piglet

Last Friday we had a very special visitor in Room 9 – Lottie the piglet! Lottie belongs to Lucas and she was a runt piglet from his mother pig Pickles. We had a great time patting and cuddling little Lottie, we all thought she was very sweet. Today we got to write about Lottie after we received some more pictures of her from Lucas’s mum.

Take a read of Harrison and Leila’s stories below:

Last Friday Lucas brought a piglet called Lottie to school and she has a broken leg. Lucas also said “Lottie is a runt and she got stepped on by her mother.” She also has little hooves like goats and she has a watery snout. She looks like she would not be able to run fast with a broken leg. – By Harrison

The piglet is warm and fluffy. Lottie started to sleep on my lap. When the piglet went to Tennessa her little tail stuck out. She had a little green cast. – By Leila


Upcoming Events

Please remember that tomorrow, Wednesday 15th July, there is no school due to our teacher strike…

On Thursday 16th August this week we are holding our annual Stanley Avenue School Cross Country.

Please take note of the following information and times:

Thursday 16th August

Saving Day – Friday 17th August


12.50pm onwards   Race Instructions:

Classes move out to be in start area 10 / 15 minutes before race

Groups move to start line as directed by Mr Byers.

Pupils return to teachers after their races

2.50 pm         Cross Country finishes, back to class for end of day.

RACE ORDER: (Times are approximate only)

Ages as of Monday 23rd July 2018. (start of Term)

1.05pm              12+ year olds                                                 3200m

1.15pm              8 year olds                                                     1550m

1.25pm              5 year olds                                                     450m

1.35pm              11 year olds                                                  2800m

1.45pm              6 year olds                                                    650m

1.50pm              10 year olds                                                  2500m

2.05pm              7 year olds                                                     1100m

2.20pm              9 year olds                                                     1550m

Our fun listening game…

This week to continue to develop our essential Team Player skill of listening we played another fun listening game. We got into pairs and had to decide the person to be the ‘walkie talkie’ and the writer. The walkie talkie had to walk outside to the picnic table and read a sentence Miss Smith had put there. Then they had to walk back inside and tell their writer what it said and how to spell each word – letter by letter! The teams also had to include the correct punctuation that Miss Smith had used and the first team finished the sentence was the winner! We’re great listeners so we were pretty good that this 🙂