Pukeko’s Waka Mural

During the past 3 weeks the students in Pukeko have been working on a mural for the office foyer. Mrs Finucane is very proud of all of the students and for Mrs Preston’s help to make the background.

When you start at Stanley Avenue School you are placed not only into a classroom, but also a “house” team. These groups have been named after place names in our School Whakatauki and are also associated with a colour.

This year we are calling these teams, “Waka” Teams.                                                                    A waka is a symbol of pride and unity. It also represents a journey, just as we are all on a learning journey at Stanley Avenue School.

Our Waka teams help to create a culture of togetherness, belonging and being part of something bigger than ourselves. They support us to make connections with others and bring students together to work towards a common goal.

As Pukeko have worked together to create this mural, we also acknowledge the importance of being in a Waka team.

“He waka eke noa”

A canoe in which we are all in, with no exception. We are all in this together…



Bad Hair Day!

On Friday we had our performance assembly.

Pukeko did a great version of “Bad Hair Day” with our own special twist.

                                    Have a lovely holiday . See you all on the 29th April!

ANZAC Service


On Friday we had a short service in the Rec Centre to  acknowledge ANZAC Day, as this falls during the holiday. This is something we do every year at Stanley Avenue School. Usually we do this by the flagpole but the weather didn’t cooperate this year.

The school leaders take key roles and the oldest and youngest students lay a special wreath/arrangement.

We also take part in the Te Aroha service on ANZAC Day. Details of how you can be part of this will be in the newsletter.

Gumboot Up on Friday

Today lots of the students and teachers supported this great cause by wearing gumboots and making a donation. Some students went further and decorated their gumboots , and there was also a design a gumboot competition and gumboot throwing at lunchtime.

Lots of fun was had while also paying it forward… Here are Room 9, showing off their footwear , colouring and gumboot throwing skills.


Sweet Treats!

On Friday we were really lucky…Riley’s mum brought us a HUGE watermelon for our fruit break. We have fruit break every day to fuel our bodies and our brains and today we had a home grown treat. There was so much that we had enough for lunch as well AND to share with some of the Room 10 students.

Thank you to Riley’s family for sharing this with us!

Zero Waste…Good Swaps

1553935147570.jpgOn Monday we had Kathy from Zero Waste visit us again. We were learning about Good Swaps-ways we can swap the way we package our lunchbox  foods, so we can make less waste. We played a memory card game so we could match the “swaps” which was a great way for us to learn and have fun at the same time!

We also did another survey of our lunch box waste . The first time we had 50 pieces of rubbish and this time we had 38! Still lots of rubbish BUT we have REDUCED our  waste so small changes are good changes.

Colour Your Day…

We are here today as a supportive community of learners at SAS.  We are taking part in Colour Your Day- a way of demonstrating our love and support towards our Muslim communities and to the people of Christchurch who were impacted by last Fridays events.

By wearing bright colours today we are being part of a widespread action , with schools and business all across New Zealand,  to show empathy, understanding and hope.

Here is Room 9 and the Pukeko team, being part of Colour Your Day…