We had so much fun!

We had a great time at the Junior Big Day In last Thursday! Luckily the rain held off and we were able to have some activities outside on the courts, with some inside too (as the grass was soggy). We rotated in our mixed year level teams around 7 different activities – the obstacle course, bowling, bootcamp and parachute, egg and spoon race, ‘beanie baby’ throwing and balancing, sack races, and gymnastics rolly polys! Thank you to the parents who were able to come along for the morning and support us!

Take a look at us in action!



Big Day In Update!

The Junior children have been hard at work training for our annual Big Day In! This is a skills based activity day for our children aged 5-7. We have been developing key motor skills such as balancing, throwing, catching, jumping, skipping and more. We were meant to have our Big Day In last Thursday but we made the call to postpone due to  a bad weather forecast but we have our fingers crossed to hold this event on Thursday this week (29th November)! We hope to see lots of supporters there!


Tumble Activities

We have been working hard in our tumble teams, cooperating to complete the different tasks. Some of our favourite activities lately have been about getting creative, acting and problem solving. Take a look at us doing drama/charades, dress-ups, and constructing!


Through these activities we have been developing our Team Player skills, especially listening to each other to solve problems.


Collaborative Spring Art

At the end of last term, Room 9 collaborated together to create a spring mural display for our classroom! We each had to design a beautiful flower and creepy crawly insect for our garden. Some of us also coloured in some little extras like fairies and mushrooms to make it more magical.

Last Friday we shared our mural along with a spring poem/song we have learned!

Take a look!

Life Education with Harold!

Today we had our first session with Mike and Harold from Life Education Trust! We are learning about healthy food and where it comes from. Today we found out that food comes from three main places – the ground, animals and human made from ingredients. We also got to meet Harold the giraffe who told us a funny joke!

Take a look!

Buddy Reading!

Room 9 and Room 5 shared their first buddy reading session together today! This is something we are going to do every Tuesday afternoon. The big Room 5 kids are going to choose a book from the library to share each week with their Room 9 buddies – we are super excited! Next term we think we should get outside and play some games together, with the big kids teaching the little-er kids new skills!

Tuakana Teina Sharing with Room 7!

This morning we were lucky enough to have the awesome Room 7 kids come to share their amazing poem books with us. To thank them for sharing their wonderful work we shared back to them our All About Me books we have created and also read stories from our book boxes together.

Thanks Room 7 – your poems were marvellous! Keep up your amazing learning!