Pizza 🍕

To celebrate all the hard work Room 9 had done over Term 3 we made pizzas! During the week we experimented with yeast and watched it go bubbly and fluffy in warm water. We talked about how yeast makes dough rise.

Then we took turns in our groups kneading and rolling our dough into shapes, ready for our pizza toppings! They were delicious everyone wanted second pieces!

Cricket 🏏

Today we had a fabulous morning out learning some new cricket skills and games with a Northern District’s player. We have some good cricket skills amoungst us in Room 9! 😊

Bees 🐝

This week in our Minibeast study we have learnt all about bees. We tasted honey and for some of us it was our first time! Come in and check out our awesome artwork and writing.

Spiders 🕷

This week on our minibeasts adventure we have been learning about spiders! We watched a video, read books, sketched spiders and worked in teams to create posters about the facts we have learnt!

Snails 🐌

This week we have started our topic study on Minibeasts!

Today we watched a video and learnt some interesting facts about snails. We then played a matching game and wrote down our favourite fact about snails.

Miss Griffin brought some snails to school from her garden! We watched them move and make slime trails on our mat while we sketched them. Then we released them back into nature in the afternoon 🐌

Spread a little sunshine 🌞

On Friday Piwakwaka did their assembly performance. As a team we have been focusing on Growth Mindset.

This means to us that we can learn from our mistakes and they help us grow. We have also been talking about how our brain is like a muscle and with challenging learning our brains grow stronger.

Our teachers came across this catchy song that we sing every morning to remind us to ‘spread a little sunshine’ to start our day off in a postive way.

Giraffes can’t dance 🦒

We have been reading the book “Giraffes can’t dance” and learning about the message of the power of “yet”..As a class we discussed all of the thngs we can do and then talked about some of the things we find tricky and “can’t do yet”.

Students wrote stories about if they were a Giraffe what would their special talent be? We then created these awesome Giraffes using egg cartons for the face!

Calendar Art

Over the past 2 weeks we have been busy creating our calender art. Lots of painting, collaging, sketching, cutting and colouring has been involved!

On Friday they were sent home with students, if families would like to purchase a calender, diary or cards with their child’s art work on. Please return the art and form back to school 😁

Growth Mindset

Room 9 has been very busy talking about Growth Mindset and what that means….’growing our brains to be positive learners’.

We have learnt that our brain is like a muscle and with lots of challenging learning and mistakes along the way we can grow our brain and achieve great things!

This week we have created some goals for the term that we would like to achieve! Next week we will be talking about the power of “YET”!