Hybrid Animals

Hi Room 9,

Do you know what a hybrid animal is? It is a combination of two animals – there are some in real life, but the most interesting ones are the made up ones!

For story writing you can create your own hybrid animal and write about it OR choose one of the pictures below to write about.

When you do your writing make sure you include the below.

*What two animals have you used to create your hybrid animal.

*Name it.

*Describe its body parts- make sure you describe all body parts so I understand what it looks like.

  • What does it eat?
  • Where does it live?
  • What does it do all day?

To make your writing amazing, use descriptive words, stretch out your sentences and try to start your sentences with a different word.

Remember we discussed sentences starters – I, My, Next, Then, After,Soon, In are a few we talked about.

Google AR

Good morning Room 9! I wanted to share this cool thing I discovered – 3D mode on phones – so you will ha e to ask mum or dad nicely to try this out. Use Google Chrome on the device and search for an animal – for example Bear. Then scroll down and you will see a little icon that says 3D. Press that icon and then move the device around until your animal appears!

Remember that you will need mum or dad with you for this , especially if you are borrowing their phone – this morning we had a Bear in our house haha.

Have fun!

Hello Room 9!

Hi Room 9 ,

I just wanted to make a post to see how you are all doing now that school is in lockdown! If you want you can make a comment here to keep in touch! I am adding new links to the “online & at home learning” page as I find them.

This one is just for 30 days but David Walliams who has written some great books is reading a different book each day that you can listen to if you follow this link https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

Audible is also another site where you can listen to some great stories onlne – get mum or dad to help you with this one


Let me know which stories you have listened to and what you liked best about that story!

Busy busy room 9!

What a busy week we have had already! We have finished unpacking the vision statement and are aiming to get this up on display by the end of the week to share our thoughts and what the vision means to students – so keep an eye out for that !

Our treety is up and completed too! We refer to this everyday to remind ourselves of our agreement in our classroom .

Today we learnt how to publish our writing using the chromebooks. We will continue this throughout the week so all students will have published writing up on display. Today was copying our writing we did about the Literacy Shed clip “something fishy”. The writing will be displayed with our awesome artwork we have completed too! Students found a lot of new challenges with this new skill. They have worked really hard on their WOOP to log on to computers independently and this is their next challenge. Some said it was hard, and they were slow, but all who tried persevered and I can’t wait to share the results with you next week.

We were also lucky enough to get some more classroom resources for our Maths time – thank you Miss Klein! Students had fun experimenting with these – creating, problem solving, discussing – it was awesome to watch and be involved with!

Week 8!

Our vision statement

Today Room 9 started to unpack the Stanley Avenue School Vision statement.

Supportive community of learners.

Aspiring to be our best.

Self motivated achievers.

We discussed as a class what the first statement means to us and then wrote this in our story writing book. Each student had a sentence starter to help them and then they wrote on their own.

Unpacking the first statement
Writing what it means in our own words.

Something fishy

Today we learnt how to do a story map to help us with sequencing our writing .

The first obstacle was learning how to rule lines to create 4 boxes on our page , we will keep working on this .

Amongst our discussions was where did this story take place, when did it take place and how did this story end .

Here are some photos of our learners in action .