Rāapa – Wednesday 8th September – Thankyou!!

Good Morning Room 9 !! No tasks today, as I will be getting things planned and sorted for your return tomorrow.

I wanted to take this time to say a HUGE thank you to all of our families. I understand that this time in lockdown has been a massive balancing act of home,school and work commitments and we truly appreciate your efforts. It has been lovely to see and hear from you during this time and we can not wait to see the smiley faces back in class tomorrow.

If your child has any hard-pack learning left,could they please bring this into school tomorrow.
Also,if you have not read the guidelines and procedures for being back at school,please see these below.

Special points to read are the drop-off and pick-up procedures as well as students needing individual drink bottles.

If you have any questions about tomorrow please do not hesitate to contact us via email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.Enjoy your day at home together, rest, relax and recover from this interesting time and look forward to being back to normalish tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Pukeko Teachers

Dear Stanley Ave families/whānau,
We are extremely excited to see our wonderful students on Thursday 9th September and resume our
onsite learning.
Stanley Avenue School Alert Level 2 Key Guidelines Summary
Please note the below guidelines are in place to protect your children and all school
personnel alike and are taken from Ministry of Education advice to schools.
As a staff our initial focus will be on the Well-being ‘Hauora’ of our students. Numerous research
identifies that students need to feel comfortable, secure, and happy within a positive environment for
learning to occur.

 Schools are exempted from physical distancing requirements. (No Social Distancing).

 Children and staff do not need to wear face coverings because other public health
measures will be in place. However, they are optional to wear if children know how to
wear them properly.

 It is important to not send your child/ children to school if they are sick.

 On arrival and departure from school and throughout the day students will sanitize/ wash and
dry their hands before entering and exiting their classrooms.

 Hand sanitizer/ soap and paper towels are available in all areas of the school.

 All surfaces across the school will be cleaned regularly, including toilet areas.

 We require every child to bring their own water bottle to school.

 A reminder students within Team Tui and Team Ruru are welcome to bring their own device
to school for learning purposes.

 Our playgrounds will be operational for Morning Tea and Lunchtimes only but not for the
whole school.

 Team Piwakawaka will have the option of using the front playground at Morning tea time and
Team Pukeko at Lunchtime.

 Students will sanitize/ wash their hands prior to and after playground use.

 In line with Ministry recommendations only parents/ family/ whānau of Piwakawaka
will be allowed on site before school to deliver their child/children to outside
their classroom.
 A school staff member will sign Piwakawaka parents in (or scan) for contact tracing purposes
and hand sanitizer will be available.

 Students from other syndicates are to assemble on the front court area in their own or sibling

No parents are allowed onsite in the afternoon’s to pick up their children. Classrooms
teachers will walk students out to the front gate area to be let go.

 It is recommended at afternoon pick up time for parents/ family members to wait by their car
if they are parked in the car park.

 Buses will be running at their normal times and are sticking to their same routes. Bus
companies are responsible for providing increased sanitation on each bus. Masks are not
required to be worn on the bus, however they are optional if students know how to wear
them properly.

 Parents needing to go to the school office, will need to line up outside the office entrance
with a ‘one in one out’ system.

 If you need to get a message to your children’s teacher that is non urgent feel free to use the
communication channels that we have being using during Distance Learning. Messages can
also be left at the office via email/phone or the school app.

 Kids Club will be open and operating.
We are working hard to ensure your children and all school staff stay safe during Level 2.

Thank you for your co-operation and support.
John Byers
Please contact me on 021 1381983 if you would like to discuss anything further.

Rātū – Tuesday, 7th September

Good Morning Room 9!!! Not long now and we will be back in class! As you can imagine the teachers are going to be quite busy getting ready to have you back in class so we wont be online as much as we usually are.

Your focus over the next couple of days is Hauora and Self Management.
Our online activities are still up for you to do , and you can always go back through days you may have missed.
Today I would like you to spend some time with your family doing things that you all enjoy.

Mathseeds – See if you can earn a certificate!!

Studyladder – revisit the Reading pod to see if you have completed all the tasks

Get Creative!! Have a Lego building competition! Who can make the best house? Who can make the largest and strongest bridge?

Try an Art for Kids hub drawing activity that you all would like to do.

Reflect – If you would like to write, look back at your time in the bubble – what have you learnt, what has been something positivie that you will take from this time?

Rāhina – Monday, 6th of September!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and treated your dad/stepdad/bonus dad/ koro to some lovely treats yesterday to show them how muchthey mean to you! I would love to see some photos!! 50 waka points for proof of each completed activity!

Writing – Pobble365

Waking the giant!!

You are a villager who lives near this stunning old castle, then one day the ground began to shake. Birds sprang from the branches of trees in a state of panic as the huge figure crawled out of the earth. First it was an elbow…Then a head…Then a colossal, moss-covered, stone face ……..

Finish off the story today! Bonus points for describing what you see and how you feel while this is happening.

Maths – Mathseeds

Lets get some certificates!!! Check out the graph below – that shows the certificates that have been earnt this year so far! Now that we are in September lets try and get on the maps so we can start earning certificates! I have set some assignments for you to do first and then you can have some time on the map.

Reading – Comprehension

Last week I set you some tasks each day in Studyladder. This week it will be the same. Please attempt each one, as I can see which ones you need help with and we can work on this back in class. Well done James M & Evie Raey who completed all of these last week – bonus waka points to you !

Art – Art for kids hub

Head on over to our favourite family of You Tubers and find a drawing that you want to attempt.

Give one a go and send me a picture of the end results! https://www.youtube.com/c/ArtforKidsHub/playlists

Remote Learning – Term 3, Week 6 – Friday (Rāmare) 3/9/21 – Dad’s Day This Sunday!!

YAY Fun Day Friday (Rāmare)!! Today’s tasks are for Father’s Day on Sunday – so you will have to try and keep them secret til then! Fathers day doesn’t just have to be for a dad, it can be special treats for your dad, step-dad, grandad, koro or another special person in your life that you’d like to say “thanks for being awesome” too.

Remember: Dad’s love things like: breakfast in bed, slippers and their favourite book brought to them, baking, and big hugs from the ones they love… here’s some writing, reading, maths, and art and craft tasks and ideas:


  • Todays writing is two poems and a letter activities:



  • Mathseeds practice.
  • Here’s a cool Dad ‘count and graph’ activity for maths. What does the final graph tell you? Which had the most, which had the least?

Art and Craft Ideas:

  • Here are some cool art and craft ideas:

Don’t forget to watch the Teachers daily videos on our Pukeko facebook page 🙂

Don’t forget waka points for work completed!!

Keep safe and smiling Room 9!!  Please remember to send me photos/videos of your home learning and you life in your bubble – or just say hi – either email, text or through the Pukeko facebook page… I’d love to hear from you!! 🙂


Thursday – Rāpare, 2nd September

Morena Room 9! The sun is shining in Paeroa so that’s a great start to the day! I hope it is lovely for you all wherever you are!

If you have a booklet work your way through the Day 3 activities and if you want you can do some of the online tasks as a bonus!

Reading – Studyladder

Head on over to Studyladdy Ladder and find the Lockdown Reading Pod. I can see that some of you are working through this which is awesome, remember the more you complete – the more coins. you earn !

Writing – Your dream house!!

Today I would like you to draw your dream house! You could draw room by room, a floor plan, what it looks like from the outside – go for it! It’s your house and you can design it anyway you want. So drawing first and then tell me about it ! As I can’t see your pictures you will need to add lots of details . Here are somethings you may consider if you are not sure where to start

  • How many rooms /bathrooms etc does it have?
  • What is it made out of ? Ordinary building materials or perhaps lollies!
  • What colour is it on the inside / outisde?
  • What kind of cool technology does it have to make life easier?
  • What is in each room ? A movie theatre, bowling alley ?
  • What about outside ? Do you have beautiful flower gardens, a bike race track or even a huge pool?

Maths – Mathseeds Assignments

Assignments! I have set up assignments on Mathseeds to help you branch into other areas of Maths, so please head over and give them a try – there are only 2 each day to use and you have worked on these subject before. Well Done Evie Raey who completed Lesson 117 with 80% pass rate yesterday!

Hauora – Physical Activity

Today as part of looking after yourself – get out there and enjoy the sun. Did you know that in small doses the sun gives our body vitamin D? So today – create an obstacle course! Or if thats a little hard, try a Go Noodle session outside in the sun? Perhaps you love Pokemon (like my Levi does) go for a walk and find Pokemon, get out on your bike or skateboard. See who else in your family you can take with you.

Wednesday – Rāapa , 1st September – SPRING!!!

The first day of Spring!!! Yay!! How many blossoms,flowers and baby animals have you seen around ?

Hopefully a little more sun coming our way soon! Waka points tallies are being updated daily and looking great!

Well done to those of you who are having a go at the Mathseeds assignments and the new learning pod set up on Studyladder.

It is also really encouraging to see you finding your balance with school work and home life – this is really important for all of us. I know things an get hard, and sometimes that means we need a wee break from the screen , maybe a snack to top up energy levels or a drink of water to rehydrate our brains.

Before we get on to the learning – have a think – do you read the instructions for the day or do you have help ? Most of you should be able to read this yourself , so if mum and dad usually read it to you – have a go and theres some reading done for the day! Remember reading isnt always out of a book!

Into todays learning!!

Reading – Studyladder

You should still have some activities in the Lockdown pod available. Reading the books and asnwering the questions online shows that you are paying attention to what you are reading and that you are processing the information in the text. You can also listen to a story via Storyline Online, as this is still reading – you can read along, but you also need to listen to the story to process the story. Bonus if you have reading books at home too!

Writing & Hauora

Today I want you to sit and think about what you are grateful for in your bubble. Maybe you are grateful for having mum and dad home to help you with your school work?When you have had some thing time, I want you to write a thank you letter to someone in your bubble. It could be a parent, it might be an older sibling who has helped you with work – but today is the time to say thanks.

In your letter I want you to say why you are grateful for them , what have they done that you have really appreciated? Write it and then deliver it to them at the end of the day (pictures would be fabulous once you have given it to them). You may even choose to write a couple of letters!

Math – Mathseeds

Our stats are looking pretty good for the maps completed , well done! I am keeping an eye on your certificates and progress so we can celebrate that when we are back at school.

I have set two new assignments for you today , so head over and see if you can get through those before tackling your map. If you get stuck on your map, please let me know and I can help.

Science – Nano Girl!!

Last week I introduced you to Nano Girl – I think she is so cool! I love her hands on learning ! I want you to follow the link and find an experiment you can do at home – yesterday her live experiment was creating a catapult!! So cool!!

If you need the instructions on how to do this, have a look at last weeks post – and remember her live show is online at 3.30pmhttps://www.nanogirl.co/nanogirls-lab#pickYourTheme