Collaborative Spring Art

At the end of last term, Room 9 collaborated together to create a spring mural display for our classroom! We each had to design a beautiful flower and creepy crawly insect for our garden. Some of us also coloured in some little extras like fairies and mushrooms to make it more magical.

Last Friday we shared our mural along with a spring poem/song we have learned!

Take a look!


Life Education with Harold!

Today we had our first session with Mike and Harold from Life Education Trust! We are learning about healthy food and where it comes from. Today we found out that food comes from three main places – the ground, animals and human made from ingredients. We also got to meet Harold the giraffe who told us a funny joke!

Take a look!

Buddy Reading!

Room 9 and Room 5 shared their first buddy reading session together today! This is something we are going to do every Tuesday afternoon. The big Room 5 kids are going to choose a book from the library to share each week with their Room 9 buddies – we are super excited! Next term we think we should get outside and play some games together, with the big kids teaching the little-er kids new skills!

Tuakana Teina Sharing with Room 7!

This morning we were lucky enough to have the awesome Room 7 kids come to share their amazing poem books with us. To thank them for sharing their wonderful work we shared back to them our All About Me books we have created and also read stories from our book boxes together.

Thanks Room 7 – your poems were marvellous! Keep up your amazing learning!

Healthy Eating!

Today Rooms 11 and 9 had Ben Bonner come to visit us from Sport Waikato. He was teaching us all about nutrition and how to choose a healthy breakfast option. We learnt that we need to look at the sugar, fat and fibre content of different foods to make a good choice.

Take a look!

Our Imaginations are Wonderful!

Today we pulled out our class dress up box to use as a prompt for our writing. We got to play dress ups, make up characters and create different games with our awesome costumes! We had lots of time to talk and play as our characters before we stopped to brainstorm our story ideas. Then we got to actually write our stories – while still wearing our dress ups! Our purpose and audience for our writing today was to share our creative ideas with Rooms 11 and 12. At the end of writing time Miss Smith chose 4 people who had tried really hard to write fabulous stories to go over and share with Rooms 11 and 12 – Leila, Lucas, Evie and Victoria showed great concentration and developed their ideas into cool creative stories!

Check out our awesome play and creativity in action!