Week 2, Term 2!

Room 9’s instructions on how to make a cheese sandwich.

First of all I hope all the mothers, nana, grandmas out there had a great day on Sunday!

This term we are going to delve into statistics, inventions and procedural writing!

First of all we looked at how to write instructions for the simple task of making a sandwich! It seemed easy but when we tried it as a class it turned out that if you leave detail out it can totally change the outcome !

We have also started looking at how to gather data . To start this we looked at what a tally chart is and how we can use this to gather information.

Room 9 checking their instructions

If you haven’t already , come in and check out our awesome Anzac display! Mrs Corrigan helped the students to create the fabulous poppy art and the collage poppies were completed last term with myself ( Miss Williams ) . How stunning does it look altogether?!

Welcome back!!!

What a great start we have had to term 2!

Students now have home learning books that contain their weekly homework tasks and notices.

We have our assembly item in term three which will be on Our Facebook page too.

Congratulations to Leah for coming first in her division for BMX!

Noahs’ Stag!

Today Noah brought in the head of this stag that he shot.

Room 9 was very excited to ask Noah all about it ! Very cool and something different for us to all see and learn about !

Week 10 Superstars!

Congratulations to Blade and Eli! These two both received the Strive to Succeed award for trying their best during lesson time – especially with Reading and Writing. They have been working with buddies and are really putting in the hard yards !

Well done boys!

Ruben the Road Safety Bear

Today we were lucky enough to have Ruben the Road safety bear come and teach us how to be safe in , on and around the road.

Students learnt that if are not taller than 148cm they need to be in a booster seat still – we are going to use our measurement skills to check this out later !

Week 9 wrap up

Another spectacular week!

More exciting investigations with measurement, some stunning writing all topped off with a fun filled Easter Themed day !

Congratulations to Noah and Austin who were this weeks certificate recipients!

Measuring with non- standard units

Today as part of our unit we explored measuring with non standard units . We talked about what non standard means first.

We watched a short clip about how to measure with non standard units .

We learnt that you have to have your materials lined up in a straight line, touching end to end and to make sure our measuring tools are the same size.

After that we were put into learning buddies and off we went to measure our buddies !

It was great to see lots of reflection along the way with some students having to change their ideas a couple of times to ensure their measurements were as accurate as possible .

Term 2 Museum Trip

Students are bringing home a letter and permission slip about our term 2 trip .

When you can, please fill out and return with payment so we can continue our planning .

It’s going to be an awesome trip – we are very excited !!

Week 8

Well done James !

James received the Team Player certificate ( last week but he was away) for his amazing sportsmanship at Hockey Fun Day last week.

Someone from the opposite team fell over. James stopped what he was doing to give this boy a hand up and check that he was ok. A great way to represent Stanley Ave !